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arm shin guards size chart

If you’re a ski racer looking for unrivaled performance when you clear slalom gates, SHRED. Carbon Shin Guards are the perfect choice. Their SLYTECH™ SHIELD CARBON advanced composite material provides exceptional protection and features ADVANCED GATE GLIDE technology to minimize friction. And to stay in place, they sport SHRED. GRIP PADS. With their unparalleled shin protection and gate clearing speed, the SHRED. Carbon Shin Guards provide the confidence you need to focus on your skiing and feel like a pro.

Inside the box | 1 SHRED. Carbon Shin Guards | 1 SHRED. sticker kit

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    • SLYTECH™ SHIELD CARBON | A high performance material blend that combines carbon fiber technology and our SLYTECH SHIELD material to create shells that are extraordinarily durable yet lightweight and that provide the best performance at all temperatures.
    • ADVANCED GATE GLIDE | NOFRICTION PTFE technology blends PTFE into the SLYTECH™ SHIELD CARBON composite material. This serves as a lubricant, reducing friction and drag between the guard and gates to boost speed.
    • SLYTECH MULTI DN technology with ribs designed to boost gate-clearing speed by limiting the contact surface and minimizing energy absorption on impact
    • The shell's ANATOMICAL SHAPE gives the comfortable and perfect shinguard and forearmguard fit
    • SLYGRIP FOAM is made with ARIAPRENE, provides superior grip onto the arms and legs so the guard stays in place. It is also a non-toxic, and recyclable alternative to synthetic rubber
    • Our shin guards with PRO DEFLECT TECH are designed to offer earlier impact with the gate and to re-direct the gate away from the tip of the skis. Available only on PRO size
    • STRAPS WIDTH | 40mm | 1.6in
    • LENGTH SIZE L: 42cm | 16.5in | SIZE M: 38cm | 15in | PRO: 43cm | 17in
    • LENGTH - 38cm [M size] /42cm [L size] /43 cm [PRO size]