Cylindrical double lens with CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS (available only in select models) and NODISTORTION® (available only in select models) tecnologies ensure astonishing contrast enhanchement and image definition in different light conditions. Its ANTIFOG treatment provides extremely long lasting clarity.

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    • TINT - Different base lens and mirror coatings available to perform in different weather and light conditions
    • CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS - Shred's CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS (CBL) technology allows better visibility in varying snow surfaces and light conditions. Available in select models
    • ANTI FOG - Shred's inside lens features a porous cellulose providing superior water shedding and a special anti fog treatment for extremely long lasting clarity. The full perimeter venting promotes maximum airflow to keep your vision clear in all conditions.
    • SHREDWIDE - Shred's industry-leading engineered design technology, with a lens and frame design that enables to see more of what's ahead and around you. Available on selected models
    • NODISTORTION® - For visual clarity at all elevations, Shred's patent pending NODISTORTION® technology uses a semi-permeable valve to equalize the pressure between the dual lens chamber and current atmospheric conditions
    • Available for Monocle, Nastify, Wonderfy, Soaza and Tastic models
    • LENS - Cylindrical double lens /100% UVA-UVB-UVC protection
    • MATERIAL - Polycarbonate, Acetate