Conformity Declarations


We make sure that every SHRED. protective product meets our exceptionally high standards. On this page, our customers can find their product’s Declaration of Conformity as required by the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 – Personal Protective Equipment. 

If you have a question regarding a particular model or style please write us at, we’ll be happy to help.


Product Category  Model Name Download
Snow Goggles Simplify, Rarify, Amazify, Smartefy, Monocle, Nastify, Wonderfy, Mini Declaration of Conformity
MTB Goggles Amazify MTB, Nastify MTB, Soaza MTB Declaration of Conformity
Snow Helmets - Class A Basher Ultimate, Basher Declaration of Conformity
MTB Helmets Short Stack NoShock, Brain Box NoShock Declaration of Conformity
Snow Helmets - Class B Slam-Cap NoShock, Slam-Cap Base, Totality NoShock, Totality, Half Brain Declaration of Conformity
Elbow pads and knee pads Flexi Knee Pads Lite, Flexi Knee Pads Trail, Flexi Knee Pads Enduro, NoShock Knee Pads Heavy Duty, Flexi Elbow Pads Lite, NoShock Elbow Pads Heavy Duty Declaration of Conformity
Back Protector NoShock Back Protector Naked, NoShock Back Protector Vest, Flexi Back Protector Naked Flexi Back Protector Vest Declaration of Conformity
Protective Equipment Protective Shorts, Protective MTB Shorts, Ski Race Protective Jacket Declaration of Conformity
Protective Gloves All MTN Protective Gloves, All MTN Protective Mittens, Ski Race Protective Mittens Declaration of Conformity
Ski Race Protection Carbon Shin Guards, Shin Guards, Carbon Arm Guards, Arm Guards Declaration of Conformity
Sunglasses Belushki, Stomp, Provocator, Provocator Airflow Declaration of Conformity