GOGGLES Technology

Shred goggles' ShredWidedesign provides the largest field of vision in the game while our Contrast Boosting Lensesand NoDistortiontechnology deliver exceptional clarity and contrast.

HELMETS Technology

To minimize the effects of impacts and to inspire confidence, Shred helmets showcase industry-leading technology, including our proprietary RES Rotational Energy Systemand Slytech NoShock, and Casidion.


Shred sunglasses offer unrivaled clarity, contrast, and performance in optics built to endure the great outdoors. Made in Italy and paired with the finest lenses from Japan, these shades showcase a crisp appearance and unparalleled craftsmanship.


Shred protective equipment makes no compromises. Thanks to industry-leading technology—including Slytech 2nd Skin™ XT, Slytech NoShock, and Slytech Flexi—our body protection maximizes safety, comfort, and mobility.